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Chapter 7 in Hartford, CT

Give your finances a fresh start by working with our reputable attorneys’ office. Our Chapter 7 lawyer and his results-driven legal team can help you complete the handling of the Chapter 7 process. By definition, this type of bankruptcy is a liquidation proceeding where a debtor’s non-exempt assets are sold by a Chapter 7 trustee. The proceeds made from this sale are then given to the debtor’s creditors.

Work with the Chapter 7 attorney who has a stellar reputation. His ultimate goal is to give you a “fresh start” with your finances. With more than 30 years' experience in the area of bankruptcy, he can help you better your financial situation. His extensive knowledge and compassionate approach to your needs are sure to offer you the solutions you expect and deserve.

Chapter 7 Attorney Gives You Peace of Mind

We understand how stressful being in debt can be, which is why we recommend Chapter 7 process. When you use this process, you can end frustrating creditor calls and avoid check garnishment. This can also prevent creditors from going after your house or vehicle. Other advantages include:

  • Better Secured Debt
  • Lower Legal Fees
  • No Monthly Paperwork
  • Credit Rebuilding Opportunity
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How to Complete Chapter 7 Filing

Be sure that your bankruptcy filing is done efficiently and to the letter of the law. Our extensive knowledge of Chapter 7 filing processes successfully take you through the procedure, from start to finish. First of all, we will make sure you are eligible. To qualify for this debt solution, you cannot have any disposable income. You must also do a means test, which will compare your average monthly income with the median income rate in your area. This is determined by calculating your income for a six-month period before your bankruptcy. If your average is lower, it means you are automatically qualified.

For individuals who have an average income that is more than the median, you may still qualify. This depends on the information that you included on your means test form. Once you are deemed eligible, our experts will assist you with filling out your petition. The information that you will need to fill out official forms that make up the petition includes:

  • A list of All Your Creditors and the Amount Owed
  • Your Income Source, Amount, and Frequency
  • A List of All Your Property
  • An in-Depth List of Your Monthly Living Expenses

After you have completed your petition, our Chapter 7 attorney will file your forms with the court in your area. Rely on our experience and assistance to guide you throughout the whole process.

Differences Between Chapters 7 & 13

Unlike Chapter 13, when you do this choose to work with us on a Chapter 7 process, you don’t have to do a plan of repayment. The time frame is also different. For Chapter 13, the repayment plan can last three to five years (depending on your income), whereas, Chapter 7 filing takes three to four months to finish. If you want to know more about the differences between the two bankruptcies, seek the help of our Chapter 7 Lawyer in a free consultation.

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Contact us today to have a qualified Chapter 7 lawyer help you file for bankruptcy. We are proud to represent clients from Hartford, Bloomfield, New Britain, Manchester, and Newington, Connecticut, and surrounding areas.