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Sexual Assault Attorney in Hartford, CT

Hold the person accountable for your sexual assault by hiring our knowledgeable and experienced sexual assault attorney. When you turn to our law firm, you have a skilled legal team to give you the support you need. We will be right by your side until your case is resolved. Choose to work with a firm that has expertise dealing with this serious charge. We have helped many defendants have their names cleared, settle on parole, or go through mandatory treatment and counseling to recover from the circumstances that led to the charges.

A sexual assault is often considered molestation in the case of minors and rape if the charge involves an adult. These serious charges carry a number of penalties with them. Depending on the circumstances, an assault charge involving a sexual crime may result in substantial jail time. If you have been accused of the crime, you need immediate legal assistance. Our highly seasoned sexual defense assault lawyer works effectively to resolve client cases involving sex crimes. We put our expertise to work for you as swiftly as possible and with the goal of gaining justice for you.

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Prominente & Experienced Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer

Your life can change in an instant if you are accused of a sex crime. Don't take chances on the outcome of your case by going to an inexperienced sexual assault defense attorney for help. It is crucial to get legal guidance and representation from a qualified and experienced assault lawyer.

With more than 32 years of experience in the legal profession, our trained attorney understands the intricacies of these kinds of cases and has the resources to fight for you and your freedom. Your case will get the attention it deserves when you turn to our firm.

Our legal team will work hard to improve your chances of clearing your name, reducing the charges, or having the entire case completely dismissed. We will do what it takes to resolve your case using the proper legal tactics. Request a free consultation with us today to have our defense lawyer review your case. You’ll be able to learn about the options open to you.

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A Sexual Abuse Lawyer Who Helps Even the Youngest Clients

Bring the person who molested your child to justice with the help of our sexual abuse lawyer. It does not matter who has abused your son or daughter; our lawyer can assist you. We have been defending boys and girls who have been victims of assault for many years. With this expertise, let us do the same for your child. Our legal team will be with you and your loved one every step of the way, from the moment of your first consultation to the last courtroom resolution.

We understand how difficult the process of holding the alleged abuser accountable for their actions can be, especially for the victim. This is why we take the proper measures to make the legal process as comfortable as possible.
Each of our team members is compassionate, open, and understanding. We aim to help you and your family deal with what has happened. Through a network we’ve built over the years, our team provides access to all of the following resources to help you and your child with the difficulties you experience:

  • Local Therapists
  • Abuse Hotlines
  • Support Groups
  • Recovery Programs
  • Doctors & Physicians

Contact us to make the person responsible for your sexual assault accountable. Our law firm serves clients in Harford, Bloomfield, New Britain, East Hartford, and West Hartford, Connecticut.