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Drug Attorney in Hartford, CT

There's no need to deal with drug charges alone. For prompt, thorough, and effective representation, depend on our drug defense attorney in Hartford, Connecticut. Don't become one of the hundreds of thousands of Americans in jail as a result of drug possession charges. Since a drug charge has a significant impact on your life, you need an experienced legal advocate in your court.

If you possess, sell, or manufacture a controlled substance, and you are found guilty, you can expect severe fines, lengthy probation, or even a mandatory prison sentence. Our drug attorney has 32 years of experience and exhaustive knowledge of the laws surrounding drug charges. He defends you passionately and skillfully.

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Different Types of Drug Charges

Any crime that involves an illegal or controlled substances is subject to penalties. The prosecution will do everything within its power to ensure you receive the maximum penalty. That is one of the reasons why you need the assistance of a seasoned drug attorney.

Drug charges involve criminal offenses connected with a variety of controlled substances: natural substances, manmade drugs, and prescription drugs. Whether you possess illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine or prescription drugs such as Oxytocin and Xanax (without a prescription), you could be facing serious charges. At our law firm, provide expert representation for clients accused of all types of drug possession charges, including:

  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Manufacturing
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Drug Paraphernalia
  • Drug Racketeering
Drug possession

Highly Skilled Drug Defense Attorney

Federal law states that you are innocent until proven guilty. Regardless of the crime and the part you played in it, you still deserve a fair trial. Our highly skilled drug defense attorney uses creative and effective ways to defend you inside and outside the court.

For instance, we may be able to prove that the evidence against you was obtained by illegal search or seizure. If that is the case, the evidence is inadmissible and cannot be used in court. Without such incriminating evidence, it is much more difficult to convict you of the crime. Our drug lawyer contests the charges against you with skill while effectively representing you in court and during plea negotiations with prosecutors.

Contact our drug lawyer when you've been charged with criminal possession of an illegal substance. We proudly serve clients in Hartford, Bloomfield, New Britain, East Hartford, West Hartford, Manchester, Newington, Bristol, Enfield, Windsor, Wethersfield, and Rocky Hill.