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Just because you were charged with domestic battery or assault does not mean you committed the crime. If you have been arrested for domestic violence, whether you are guilty or innocent, you need a skilled domestic violence attorney by your side. Our domestic violence lawyer effectively represents you and works diligently to reduce or eliminate the charges.

When a domestic violence case is reported, often the police report to the scene and arrest the person who is the alleged abuser, regardless of the real truth. It is the job of our domestic abuse lawyer to determine the facts and to defend our clients zealously. It is your rights to have legal representation and to have a jury determine a verdict based on the evidence. Call us for a free consultation at your convenience. We have evening and weekend appointments available.

When a domestic violence case is reported, oftentimes the police report to the scene and arrest the person who is the alleged abuser, regardless of the real truth. It is the job of Stephen F. Cashman Attorney at Law to determine the facts and to defend our clients fervently.

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When to Call a Domestic Violence Lawyer

You have been arrested. Now what do you do? An accused person cannot simply get the charges dropped. That is why it is crucial to depend on our experienced domestic violence attorney for aggressive and dependable representation. Perhaps you have had no prior record of abuse, or maybe you were simply defending yourself. Whatever the reason, we can help.

Unfortunately, domestic violence cases have seen a rise in false reports. It is our job to determine the truth behind the reports and provide competent legal defense. Regardless of your guilt or innocence, you have rights. As with all crimes, you are innocent of all charges until proven guilty. Let the team at our law firm help with your defense.

Domestic Abuse Lawyer for Skilled Representation

Domestic abuse is an offense that could result in the loss of child custody or time in jail or prison. Do not risk the consequences. Count on an attorney with decades of experience to defend you. Whether or not this case goes to court, you need a capable attorney to handle the legal matters for you.

Unless you have gone to law school, you do not possess a deep understanding of how the legal system works. If you try to act as your own lawyer, you may not know how to file legal briefs or may miss important deadlines. Your best defense is engaging a domestic violence attorney who has a proven track record of experience and success. Reach out to our law firm for the dependable and skilled legal representation you deserve during this time of trouble.

Trust in our lawyer to defend your rights. With long years of experience, our domestic violence attorney is well known for his determined defense of his clients. Feel confident that you have someone representing you who excels in the legal profession. Our lawyer acts on your behalf for a favorable resolution, whether that involves pursuing action inside or outside of court.

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Sexual Assault Attorney Build The Best Case for You

Sexual assault charges carry grave legal consequences. At the same time, there is a social stigma attached to those that are guilty of such crimes. If you have been accused of sexual assault, you simply cannot afford to navigate through the court system without an experienced domestic violence lawyer on your side.

For more than 32 years, our attorney has been defending clients that have been accused of sexual assault, rape, incest, and other sex-related crimes. Still, an accusation does not necessarily mean guilt. In addition, being guilty does not mean you deserve the maximum sentence. Regardless of the sexual assault charges levied against you, we build a comprehensive case strategy that is designed to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Contact our domestic violence attorney if your spouse has charged you with physical abuse. Our domestic violence lawyer proudly serves clients in Hartford, Bloomfield, New Britain, East Hartford, and West Hartford, Connecticut, as well as the surrounding areas.